PCS – 40th Anniversary of Long EZ

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We had such an amazing turnout for our October Plane Crazy and 40th Anniversary of the Long EZ with special guests: Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan and Mike Melvill.  What a great Q&A they hosted!

Check out this video created by antennaFILMS:

Plane Crazy 2020—Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan & Mike Melvill from antennaFILMS on Vimeo.

Thank you Karina and MASP Board for the absolute fantastic support for the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Rutan Long EZ First Flight!

Thank you John for advisories concerning the increasing winds. Your attention to communicating the wind speeds saved a lot of potential problems!

Thank you to Mojave Tower for your professionalism and abilities in directing the heavy incoming and egressing traffic. Everyone seemed to arrive at once and when the winds started to increase, everyone wanted to leave at once!

Thank you MASP Fire, Crash & Rescue for being on hand for any emergency and for helping with other duties where needed. We are thankful that your emergency services were not needed! J

Special thanks to Rick Aldrich and Craig Moore and all of the volunteers from Scaled for parking aircraft on the flightline and for placing the MTM Long EZ onto the event center stage and returning it to the hangar.