Plane Crazy 2009 to Present

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January 17, 2009
Cory Bird’s Symmetry Aircraft


February 21, 2009
Plane 0f Month – JoAnn Painter’s Meyer’s biplane Little Toot – formerly owned by NASA test pilot Fitz Fulton.


March 21, 2009
Ralph Wise’s Quicksilver GT-400


April 18, 2009
Mark Street’s Pitts Special – In honor of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space, XCOR Aerospace and Masten Space Systems put on a great Rocket Hardware display.


May 16, 2009
Tribute to Emergency Services Personnel displays with Mercy Air; CHP; Kern County Fire; Kern Co. Sheriff and Mojave Airport Fire, Crash, Rescue.


June 20, 2009
Wings & Wheels
Aircraft of the Month – Tom Nault’s Tri Pacer
Tehachapi Car Club & Antelope Valley Corvette Club displayed cars.
An unscheduled surprise when White Knight II came down Runway 26 for a low pass!


July 18, 2009
Tribute to 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11
M.D.A.R.S. (Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society) had an impressive display of large, high-powered rockets just inside Rob Laughlin’s (AVGAS) Antelope Valley General Aviation Services hangar, next to the Voyager Restaurant. Masten displayed Xo1B rocket. (Xoie)


August 15, 2009
Reno Racers, NemesisNXT and Wasabi; airplane rides, Fly “Once Around” with Dick Rutan (to help raise funds for MTM)


September 19, 2009
Plane of the Month – Paul Nafziger’s Lancair


October 18, 2009
Featured Aircraft – Phil Shcultz 1958 Beech 18


November 21, 2009
Featured Aircraft – Hansen’s F-86 (Canadair Mk VI) December 19, 2009
Featured aircraft – 1947 Republic SeaBee



January 16. 2010
President Craig Fuller gave talk to pilots – over 400 people attended. Paul Nafziger and Terry Tomeny of CALSPAN, Bicycle Works were on hand to answer questions concerning the F-16 aircraft at Mojave Airport and even allowed folks to take a peek inside the cockpit!

XCOR Aerospace brought out two rocket planes for display and Masten Space Systems wowed everyone with their Lunar Lander Challenge Level 1 vehicle, Xoie! Banquet was help in Voyager Restaurant that night.


February 20, 2010
Aircraft of the Month –Thorp T-18, owner NASA engineer Tom Jones.
Displayed 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sedan donated to the Mojave Transportation Museum by Chris and Darla Manley.


March 20, 2010
Aviator of the Month – Michael Dorn – Worf on TV series Star Trek – Next Generation. Owns and flies F-86 and Sabreliner.


April 17, 2010
Aircraft of the Month – JoAnn Painter’s Cessna 140
Mike Patlin, motion picture Aerial Coordinator and Tony Bill, ‘Flyboys’ Director flew their beautiful red, white & blue Marchetti SF-260 in for display. Another aviation great flew in for Plane Crazy – Clay Lacy! Clay Lacy in Joe Clark’s Lear 24! Clark is the inventor of the blended winglet that saved the airline industry money and fuel. They winglets make the wing more efficient by reducing the drag near the wing tip. This means the airplane can burn less fuel as well as climb faster, reducing the noise to those on the ground. Clark says the main motivation for the airlines is probably the cost savings, but the environmental impact is something he also touts.


May 15, 2010
Aircraft of the Month – David Vanhoy and Howard Judd’s colorful and fast, Giles G-202


June 19, 2010
Aircraft of the Month – Dick Rutan’s Berkut!
Bill Ingram flew Vari-Eae in from San Diego – producer of Just Chili’s Hot Sauce, private label Rutan Rocket Fuel. Alan Radecki told Mr. Ingram that he loves Rutan Rocket Fuel! Someone else said that they had a friend who told them, “I use Rutan Rocket Fuel on everything, including my Wheaties!”


July 17, 2010
Featured Aircraft of the Month – Mike Patlin’s Marchetti SF-260


August 21, 2010
‘Rockets ‘R’ Us’ Masten Space Systems Xombie on displayMasten Space Systems continues to lead VTVL vehicle development; coming off a $1.2-million win in the NASA and Northrop Grumman funded Lunar Lander Challenge in October 2009. Also, Mojave Desert Advanced Rocket Society (M.D.A.R.S.) members displayed model rockets.


September 18, 2010
75th Anniversary of Mojave Airport!!
Members of the Color Guard from Marine Air Group, Detachment A from Edwards AFB presented Colors for the Ceremony. Christina Scrivner sang National Anthem. In attendance: Congressman Kevin McCarthy, State Senator Roy Ashburn, Assemblywoman Jean Fuller, Supervisor Don Maben presented a Proclamation from Kern County Board of Supervisors to Mojave Airport General Manager, Stu Witt. A bronze plaque was presented to Mojave Airport commemorating the 75th anniversary by Mojave Transportation Museum and Mojave Chamber of Commerce. Recognized Stanley “Ski” Markey (Muszynski) for his service while stationed at MCASMojave in 1944. Recognized Noel Dees – receiving his first flight in an aeroplane in 1935 at Mojave Airport! He served in U.S.N. during WWII flying in PBYs in thePacific.


October 16, 2010
Aviator of the Month – WWII WASP Flora Belle Reece
Aircraft of the Month – Dave VanHoy’s North American T-6
Lots of photographers were on hand to see the 86-year-young woman, with the spirit of a nineteen-year-old, pull herself up onto the wing and easily climb into the cockpit with no assistance


November 20, 2010
Aircraft of the Month – Fouga Magister CM-170, French trainer


December 18, 2010
Aircraft of the Month North American F-100F
Speaker: Col. Dick Rutan, USAF (ret.)

Dick recounted numerous stories of flying the two-place F-model while serving in the U.S. Air Force at Phu Cat Air Base in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969, before and after the Tet Offensive. Before Rutan began his fighter pilot talk, he took his audience back to Dec. 18, 1986, when he and Jeana Yeager were flying in the Voyager aircraft on the fifth day of their nine-day journey around the world. Sleep deprivation, violent storms and mountains looming kept them stretched mentally beyond all limits of normal. Dick just wanted to get past the land and back over the ocean, so he didn’t have to worry about the thought of running into any mountains! The mountain was Mount Cameroon and is one of Africa’s largestvolcanoes, rising 13,255-feet above the coast of west central Africa. “We came within one mile of dead half way up the eastern slope,”




January 15, 2011
Speaker: Capt. Barry Schiff
Retired TWA pilot with 27,000 hours logged flying everything from Lockheed Constellation’s to Boeing


February 19, 2011
“A Salute to Soaring”
Last Saturday honoring altitude records set fifty years ago by Paul Bikle on Feb. 25, 1961, 46,267-feet; Bob Harris’ 49,009-feet record twenty-fiveyears ago on Feb. 17, 1986 and Jim Payne’s many speed and distance


March 19, 2011
Speaker: Jonna Doolittle Hoppes (Aviation Author)
Joined by her cousin, Jimmy Doolittle,III gave an up close and personal glimpse of their famous grandfather, Army Air Corps aviator General Jimmy


April 16, 2011
Speaker: John Lowery, USAF (ret.)
John gave an interesting presentation with slides and a short gun camera clip from air to air firing with the F-86 50-caliber machine guns that actually cut the left wing off of a MiG-15 over Korea.


May 21, 2011
Orbital Sciences Stargazer – up close and personal with a Lockheed L-1011, one of Aerospace Valley’s most beloved aircraft. Visiting aircraft parked right under the tail of the Stargazer and former Lockheed employees told Ed Dunlap, Manager, L-1011 Operations at Orbital Sciences, how they helped build 250 L-1011s at Palmdale from 1968 to


June 18, 2011
Special recognition to the Veterans from the William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans Home in Lancaster, CA. and sincere welcome to all of the military aircraft on display, especially the impeccably restored P-51D Mustang, one of World War II’s finest fighter aircraft. The Mustang is owned by well-known actor Tom Cruise and was flown to Mojave Air & Spaceport by WWII aircraft restorer and air race pilot Matt


July 16, 2011
The Mojave Transportation Museum Foundation recognized all of our Emergency Services with plaques of appreciation for their service to our local communities, including: California Highway Patrol; Kern County Sheriff; Kern County Fire Department, Mojave Station 14 and Kern County Aerial Fire Department; Mercy Air; Hall Ambulance; and East Kern Airport District Fire-Crash-Rescue. Also, MSgt. Tony Accurso, USAF had a great display of his radio- controlled aircraft in Rob Loughlin’s AVGAS


August 20, 2011 –
Speaker: Air Force Lt. Colonel Hans “Lucky” Miller
B-1B pilot and Commander 419th Flight Test Squadron of the 412th Test Wing at Edwards Air Force Base gave a briefing at Plane Crazy Saturday. Also there was a Van’s RVfly-in!


September 17, 2011
Salute to Bellanca AircraftBellancaFly-In


October 15, 2011
Rutan Boomerang display & Houchin BloodBank


November 19, 2011
Wings & Wheels 
The Antique Automotive Club – AV Region brought some beautiful cars for display, including: a 1949 Hudson; a Woody; 1930 Model A Ford and a pristine, one- owner, 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Aire. Aviation authors Mike Machat and James Cross signed books. Cross and Machat quickly sold out all of the books they had brought with them!


December 17, 2011
Plane Crazy Saturday Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Epic Round-the-World, non-stop and un-refueled Voyager Flight! Speakers: Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan and Mike Melvill




January 21, 2012
Speaker: Chuck Coleman
Chuck gave a presentation about his life as an AerospaceEngineer, pilot, aerobatic performer, flight instructor and expert aircraft homebuilder!


February 18, 2012
Speaker: Scott Glaser
Scott gave a briefing on the history of the YAK-52 and explained how he stays active with the Red Star Pilots


March 17, 2012
Speaker: Lee Valentine
Lee is Director at XCOR Aerospace and gave a history and technical overview of the company’s Lynx spacevehicle.


April 21, 2012
Scaled Composites Career Day + a Mooney aircraft Fly-In!
Speaker:Mark Stucky
SpaceShipTwo pilot gave a presentation of what it is like to fly SpaceShipTwo! Over 2,000 people covered the flight line, filling Scaled Composites open hangar Nearly 200 aircraft landed at Mojave Air & Spaceport to see the magnificent aircraft designs on display. The Vintage Mooney Group brought 30 Mooney’s to Plane Crazy as they were rained out last month. The weather made it possible for Mooney’s to come from AZ, NV, NM and all over


May 19, 2012
Speaker: Russ Stewart, National Test Pilot School
USAFVeteran, Fairchild-Republic A-10 ‘Warthog’ Pilot!


June 16, 2012
Salute to Women in Aviation & Aerospace
Speaker: Mary E. (Lyn) McNeely
Instructor Flight Test Engineer at the U. S. Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force


July 21, 2012
Speaker: Susan Staabs
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control Specialist, support Manager – Training ZLA-17T, Los Angeles Center located at Palmdale. Her presentation described the history and importance of ATCs (Air Traffic Control Centers). Airport MTM presented plaques to all of the air traffic controllers and Unicom operators at Mojave Airport.


August 18, 2012
Speaker: Lockheed-Marten U-2 Test Pilot, Greg “Coach” Nelson
Presentation about his experiences flying the super stealthy high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, Lockheed-Marten’s U-2 “Dragon Lady.” He made a grand entrance into Plane Crazy with his homebuilt race plane with smoke on – he flies a F-1 Harmon


September 15, 2012
Featuring RC models of B-17s to honor the late Steve Wells who was on board a B-17 that was shot down in France on 5 Sept. 1944. Steve evaded capture with the help of a French family for six weeks. His widow, Grace Wells, was introduced by M/Sgt Tony Accurso, member of the Muroc Master Model


September 29, 2012
California City Plane Crazy Too!
Speaker: Flora Belle Reece
WWII WASP – Hot Air Balloons and Fly-In


October 20, 2012
Speaker: Orbital’s Chief Pilot Bill Weaver and Ed Dunlap, Manager L-1011 Operations
Orbital Sciences L-1011 Stargazer on display!  Bill and Ed gave a talk to 200 people inside hangar just to the west of Voyager Restaurant, leased by SuperSonic Jets, Inc at the time. Bill Weaver’s story of test flying the SR-71 at 78,800-feet doing Mach 3.18 when an unstart on one of the engines occurred and the airplane broke apart kept everyone on the edge of theirseats!


November 12, 2012
Veterans Day
Speaker: Colonel Lawrence “Lars” Hoffman
USAF, Commandant, U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, Edwards Air Force Base, CA was the Keynote Speaker. Also, Major David Marten, USAF, B-1 Test Pilot with the United States Air Force at Edwards Air Force Base gave a presentation about what it was like for a young Lt. in the Air Force, fresh from B-1 bomber training, the morning of September 11 whenhis base was put on full


November 17, 2012
On Wings of Care & Grumman Yankee Fly-In – Bonny Schumaker, PhD, President and Founder of On Wings of Care, a California nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife, wild habitat, and natural ecosystems; to the sustainable coexistence of them with humans and domestic animals; and to the humane care of domestic animals.


December 15, 2012
Dick Rutan and daughter, Jill Rutan Hoffman – celebrated the 26th Anniversary of the epic flight of Voyager. The 1986 circumnavigation flight in Voyager was 26,358 statute




January 19, 2013
Speaker: Rick Hatten, CEO of 10 Tanker Air Carrier(DC-10 Firebomber)
Aircraft of the Month – Sport Aircraft Sonex and SonexWaiex


February 16, 2013
Speaker: Jim Payne


March 16, 2013
Speaker: Mike Massee
MTM Vice President and XCOR Aerospacephotographer and graphic artist gave an extraordinary presentation in the spaceport board room about rocket


April 20, 2013
Mojave Experimental Fly-In!
Speaker:Mike Melvill
Mike gave a great heart-pounding, edge of your seat presentation about the EAA Friendship Tour flight at 11 a.m. in the airport board room! The Plane Crazy talks are now restricted to only 48 people now,including the speaker. Unfortunately, no one from MTM was given the opportunity of introducing Mike. Nor was Sally Melvill given access to the talk. Airport security controlled access into


May 18, 2013
Armed Forces Day – Ceremony in Legacy Park
Speakers:LtCol (Col select) Kathryn Hughes, USAF is the U.S. Air Force, Commander of the 412th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, at Edwards Air Force Base; CDR Mick Williams, USN and Capt. Todd Quelet, USA – Keenan Hothschild, representing Congressman Kevin McCarthy, Senator Jean Fuller and Assemblyman Steve Fox also participated in the


June 15, 2013
Speaker: John F. Carter
Mission Director, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center – Briefing on NASA’s Convair (CV-990) medium-altitude research platform and Landing Systems Research Aircraft(LSRA).


July 20, 2013
Hot, Hot Wings and Wheels
Ted Hodgkinson was perfect as our DJ with the classic cars – The Old Tin Car Club came from California City; and some of the cars came from the Tehachapi Car


August 17, 2013
Speaker: Steve Rushford
Steve described constructing and flying model aircraft during the11a.m. lecture in the MASP Board Room.


September 21, 2013
Aircraft of the Month – Piper J-3 Cub
With owner-pilot Chris McMurtry telling history of the beloved Piper Cub. His Dad, Tom McMurtry, was in the audience.


October 19, 2013
A Salute to Emergency Services Personnel in the Mojave area
Including: Kern County Fire Department; Kern County Sheriff Department; California Highway Patrol, Mercy Air – Aerial Ambulance; Hall Ambulance and Mojave Air and Spaceport Fire, Crash & Rescue! Kern County Fire Helicopter made an impressive water drop


November 16, 2013
Speaker: Glenn Stearns
Entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Stearns & More Capital in Monterey Bay


December 21, 2013
Speaker: Brian Binnie
Brian described the rocket engine tests for SpaceShipOne; the horizontal tail modification aerodynamic tests, using a Ford 250 pickup truck for ground based “wind tunnel” tests; the glide flight tests and the first powered flight on December 17,




January 18, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Edward Jones
Founder and director emeritus of the Rocket Science Institute


February 15, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Robert Ferguson
NASA’s First A (for aeronautics) was focused on the importance of wind tunnel testing.


March 15, 2014
Speaker: Barbara H. Schultz
Talk about the three books she has written, focusingon “Flying Carpets, Flying Wings” a biography about Moye W. Stephens.


April 19, 2014
Mojave Experimental Fly-In
Speaker: Paul Dye, Editor in Chief of KITPLANES


May 17, 2014
Speaker: Jim Payne and Dennis Tito
Perlan II Project – Inspiration Mars Foundation Chairman, Dennis Tito became the world’s first private space explorer in


June 21, 2014
10th Anniversary of SS1 First Flight with Mike Melvill
The Black Sky in SpaceShipOne – First Commercial Astronaut


July 19, 2014
Speaker: Bill Deaver
TRAINS and the rail history of Mojave and Tehachapi. Bill Deaver, Founding Director of the Mojave Transportation Museum Foundation gave aninformative and entertaining presentation about trains that have been running through our town since Southern Pacific first established the township of Mojave in 1876.


August 16, 2014
Speaker: Joseph Weichman
From the Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies (CACT) – Aircraft of the Month – Lockheed L-1011 Orbital Sciences ‘Stargazer.’


September 20, 2014
Speaker: Andrew Bingham
Project Engineer at Innovative SpacePropulsion Systems – gave talk on his time working at JPL on Curiosity Mars Rover


October 18, 2014
Salute to Emergency Personnel
Gave plaques of appreciation to CHP, Kern County Sheriff, Hall Ambulance, Kern County Fire Dept., Kern County Helitack Helicopter #407 and Air Methods Mercy


November 15, 2014
Speaker: Elliot Seguin and Jennifer Whaley
Racing at Reno


December 20, 2014
Speaker: Dick Rutan
Remembering the Epic Flight of Voyager




January 17, 2015
Speaker: Elliot Seguin
Air Racing and WASABI RacePlane


February 21, 2015
Speaker: Doug Castleman
Aviation and Landscape Artist


March 21, 2015
Speaker: Robert E. Curry
Retired Chief Scientist at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center – Centennial Celebration – NACA to NASA 100 years of FlightTest


April 18, 2015
Mojave Experimental Fly-In
Speaker: Andrew Findlay
Team STIHL Air Racing Pilot  – ‘Where racing  and engineering meet and is fueled by the dreams and passions of kids both young and old.’


May 16, 2015
Speaker: Mike Massee
Trains photography – Nevada Northern Railway


June 20, 2015
Speaker: Bob Alvis
Lancaster Train Historian


July 18, 2015
Speaker: Lori Crown
Honor Flight Kern County


August 15, 2015
Speaker: Todd Schultz
Rebuilding a 1-26B Schweizer Sailplane


September 19, 2015
Speaker: Dan Yost
Flying the B-47 in theUSAF


October 17, 2015
Speaker: Bradford Neal
Chief Engineer at NASA’s Armstrong Flight ResearchCenter, at Edwards gave a talk entitled, “Into the Sunset – The Last Flight of NASA B-52008.”


November 21, 2015
Air Race Classic 2015
Speaker: Margaret Viola & Erin Hambrick
Margaret is Executive Project Specialist at The SpaceShip Co. and Erin is design engineer at Scaled Composites.


December 19, 2015
Speaker: Jill Rutan Hoffman
Remembering the Epic Flight of VoyagerJill is a twice published aviation author and solo pilot who has seen her fair share of aviation firsts! Growing up in the famous Rutan family, Jill had the unique opportunity to see the impossible made possible. Her father, Dick Rutan, flew the Voyager aircraft, designed by her UncleBurt, on its record setting non-stop, unrefueled flight around the world in1986.




January 16, 2016
Speaker: Eileen Shibley
Founder and CEO of Monarch, Inc. gave presentation about her drone company located in Ridgecrest


February 20, 2016
Speaker: Roy Martin
Retired Chief Test Pilot at Northrop-Grumman ‘Fixing what Chuck Yeager broke’ flight test program called, ‘Shaped Sonic Boom Demonstration’ or SSBD with F5E


March 19, 2016
Speaker: Bob ‘Oscar’ Meyer
‘Flying High’ in SR-71 –  former NASA FlightTest Engineer


April 16, 2016
4TH Annual MEFI (Mojave Experimental Fly-In)
‘Design, Build, Test’ and INDOOR FLY-IN
Van’s aircraft engineers Rian Johnson and Adam Burch gave a talk.


May 21, 2016
Speaker: Starr Ginn
NASA Armstrong Deputy Aeronautics Research Director for strategic formulation of aeronautics research goals, gave a presentation on SCEPTOR – Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology and Operations Research. (Electric aircraft)


June 18, 2016
Speaker: Scott Glaser
Upset Recognition Recovery Training (URRT)
Scott is Vice President of Operations and Instructor Pilot for Flight Research, Inc and the International Flight Test Institute located at Mojave Air & Spaceport


July 16, 2016
Speaker: Mike Nixon
President/CEO of Vintage V-12s, Vintage Radials and Vintage Carburetors in Tehachapi. Subject: German BMW 801, air-cooled radial aircraft engine thatpowered the Focke-Wulf 190 in World War


August 20, 2016
Speaker: Zach Reeder
Presented an interactive workshop on designing an airplane that could haul an elephant from here to Hawaii, using your intuition.Fun!


September 17, 2016
Speaker: Bill Deaver
Bill Deaver gave presentation on trains.


October 15, 2016
Salute to EmergencyServices


November 12, 2016
Plane Crazy Saturday Two – California City Airport – Hot Air Balloon Rides!


November 19, 2016
‘How to Make a Spaceship’ Book Signing with Journalist/Author Julian Guthrie
SpaceShipOne Astronauts Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie, also meet SS1 LeadEngineer Matt Stinemetz and X-15 Aerodynamicist Bob Hoey


December 17, 2016
30th Anniversary of Voyager Flight
Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan, Mike & Sally Melvill tell about Voyager flight in Voyager Restaurant. Banquet for 300 people that night in the Stu Witt Event




January 21. 2017
Speaker: Don Walter and Ed Dunlap
Manager of L-1011 Operations at Orbital ATK – NASA’s CYGNSS (Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System) microsatellite constellation into Orbit from the Pegasus rocket off the L1011Stargazer!


February 18, 2017
Speaker: James ‘JB’ Brown, III
Chief Operations Officer and Test Pilot Instructor atthe National Test Pilot School at Mojave Air & Space Port. Evaluation of the MiG-21 and MiG-23 Sovietfighters.


March 18, 2017
Speaker: Alan Radecki
Northrop Grumman photographer – ‘Mojave Through my Lens’ Virtual tour of the cool stuff that was in the boneyard at Mojave Air and Spaceport in years past


April 14 & 15, 2017
Rob ‘Skid’ Rowe
Longtime U-2 pilot, retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, and chief test pilot for Lockheed Martin, who gave anengaging presentation about his work with the Red Bull Stratos


May 20, 2017
Speaker: Cam Martin and Todd Schultz
Vintage Sailplanes


June 17, 2017
Speaker: Jim ‘Jimbo’ Reed
Technical Director for Red Bull Air Race gave adetailed overview of trying to keep teams safe and honest!


July 15, 2017
Wing & Wheels with the Bakersfield British Car Club
Peter Merlin
Author Area 51


August 19, 2017
Speaker: Mike Massee
Trains! Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge in the OwensValley


September 16, 2017
Speaker: Douglas Castleman
Aviation and Landscape artist gave presentation on steps he takes when producing a water color painting. His example was aP-38.


October 21, 2017
Speaker: Barbara Schultz
Book signing – “Endorse by Earhart” how Amelia paid for flying by endorsing various products, such as luggage.
Helicopters from Kern County Fire and Mercy Air, Fire Trucks from Kern County and Mojave Air & Spaceport, CHP vehicles, off road vehicles and squad cars with the Kern County Sheriff and HallAmbulance.


November 18, 2017
Speaker: Dick Ewers
Dick gave a fantastic presentation about flying science missions over the North and South Poles, low-level, in NASA’s DC-8 flying laboratory!


December 16, 2017
Speaker: Dick Rutan
Dick told about the epic flight of Voyager after 31 Years. Ninety- nine volunteers worked to build this unique experimental home-built airplane. Theyparticipated in the actual carbon fiber layup work and fabrication, communications, manning the command control trailer, office staff, gift shop and somuch“Anyone who came to tour the Voyager at Hangar #77, just down the ramp, would have to go through the gift shop and meet Mom Rutan. She didn’t let anyone out without buying something.” Rutan said,smiling.




January 20, 2018
Speaker: Jim & Jackie Payne
Airbus Perlan II – What a way to start the year! 39- degrees with winds blowing from the west at 40, gusting to 50! Needless to say, no one flew in, BUT we had a full-house anyway. The glider is named after those same clouds, which have an iridescent mother-of-pearl appearance (Perlan means ‘pearl’ in Icelandic). In order to reach extreme altitudes, the aircraft rides on the updraft of the peculiar confluence of Andeanwinds and the southern polar vortex in the south of Patagonia that generate the world’s highest “stratospheric mountain waves.”


February 17, 2018
Speaker: Bill Guoan
Master modeler, who builds finely detailed aircraft andspacecraft models from scratch. He takes precision and perfection to a whole newlevel!


March 17, 2018
Speaker: Dan Yost
USAF Vietnam Veteran talked about the C-7 Caribou (DeHavilland DHC-4) he flew in Southeast Asia. He gave a Plane Crazy presentation about the B-47 in


April 20-21, 2018
Speaker: Bill Norton
Flight testing in World War II
Banquet Speaker – Zach Reeder – StratoLaunch Structures Engineer and Test Pilot


May 19, 2018
Trains, Planes and Model A’s
Speaker: Mike Massee
Founding member of Mojave Transportation Museum gave presentation on the Garrett Steam Engines in Zimbabwe. Also, Susan Mallet, from the Youth Development Program Coordinator, National Headquarters,Civil Air Patrol, Montgomery, AL Bakersfield Model A Club displayed their pristine ole-time Ford’s in front of the MASP Admin building. After Plane Crazy, the Model A Club took a tour around Orbital ATK’s StargazerL-1011!


June 16, 2018
Speaker: Barbara Schultz
Presentation on her latest book and biography about visionary Cliff


July 21, 2018
Speaker: Steve Erickson
Director of Advanced Design at The Spaceship Company. He talked about the importance of mentors in his life. Their help and advice helped him to advance in his career. Today he tries to be a mentor to young people who show a spark of enthusiasmfor aviation.


August 18, 2018
Speaker: Dan Kreigh
Designing & Building SpaceShipOne with Burt Rutan – Dan celebrated his 30th year working at Scaled Composites on August 1st this year! He has been a pilot for 27 years, a master modeler, and was Lead Structural Design Engineer on SS1.


September 15, 2018
Celebrating “International Model ‘A’ Day” with the Bakersfield Model A Car Club
Speaker: Mike Martin
President of the Bakersfield Model A Car Club shared some photos of their club visiting Edwards AFB in 1958 and touring the base with Model A owner and Edwards Model A Club member, Chuck Yeager!


October 20, 2018
Speaker: Dan Yost
USAF Vietnam Veteran gave in-depth presentation about the physiology of flight, situational awareness, vertigo, night vision and other items pertinent toall pilots and even passengers of aircraft.


November 17, 2018
Speaker: Al & Cathy Hansen
Hansen’s Crazy Aviation Adventures – showed photos and told stories about bringing aircraft across the country to Mojave, including a B-23 Dragon, several HU-16 Albatross amphibious aircraft, numerous UH-1 Huey helicopters


December 15, 2018
Speaker: Dick Rutan
‘Stranded at the North Pole!’ – a glimpse of his adventure atthe North Pole, when our friend Ron Sheardown lost his AN-2 in the ice.