Grit & STEAM Scholarship

The Mojave Transportation Museum and The Mojave Chamber of Commerce are excited to offer the Grit & STEAM Scholarship for 2018 graduating seniors.  There will be two $500 scholarships awarded to MHS students.  We will be hosting a banquet for all participants including dinner, raffle prizes and fun.

All banquet attendees will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win:

  • iPad Mini
  • Go-Pro Cameras
  • BEATS headset (2 drawings)


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The Mojave Transportation Museum will offer two $500 Grit & STEAM Challenge scholarships to two graduating seniors from Mojave High School.

The board members of the Mojave Transportation Museum truly believe in the power of perseverance. No matter what you call it – grit, determination or tenacity – persistence is the key ingredient in achieving a goal. Being persistent in your purpose, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement is how people accomplish great things.

We also believe in the importance of a STEAM education to create well-rounded students and believe combining perseverance with a STEAM education helps to create some of the smartest and most well-rounded adults – no matter what profession.


The team at MTM hopes to encourage applicants to discover the importance of perseverance and a STEAM education through collaboration, professional interviews and personal reflection.

In addition, we hope applicants will challenge themselves to reach outside their comfort zone in meeting new people, asking questions and learning from a professional about their personal perseverance in their profession and life in general.

By using a unique collaboration interview, MTM hopes to inspire creativity and allow applicants to think outside the box.

___ Research and/or contact a professional to interview

___ Schedule interview

___ Email to receive “tool kit” 

___ Interview professional

___ CREATE! What was your “lesson learned” or your “key take-away” from the interview?  Create something that represents what you learned.

___ Complete scholarship application (be sure to include ALL required attachments)

___ Submit final package to the Front Office no later than 12:00pm on 5/1/17

*Tell your interviewee what to expect for the interview (ie. How long it will be,generally what the questions will be about, etc.)

*Be on time! Be respectful of your interviewee’s time and make sure you arrive a little early.

*Start with some get-to-know-you questions (ie. Where are they from? How long have they worked in their current position? Do they have pets? Did they go to college?, etc.)

*What should you CREATE? Be creative, use elements of STEAM that speak to YOU.(Examples: A poem, a song, a sculpture, a hypothesis, an essay, a working mechanism, a drawing, etc.)

We have hand selected these people because they’re AWESOME. They are creative, professional, inventive and just fun to hang out with.  Even if their profession isn’t something you think you might pursue – all these people have life experience and stories of grit.  So we highly recommend seeking them out.

You are also more than welcome to research and find any professional to interview, but here’s a good place to start. If you don’t think you’ll have transportation to a person’s office, chat with them and see if they’re willing to meet you at school or at a library close by.

Jim Reed — Technical Director, Red Bull Air Races | | 661-221-8908

Why interview him? – Because he travels the world to race planes! And he has a great life story of what grit means.

Bob MorganDirector of Research & Development, Scaled Composites |  | 661-824-6307

Why interview him? – Because not only can he build a plane, he’s a photographer and an artist.

Grace WangDesign Engineer, Scaled Composites | | 661-824-6525

Why interview her? – Because not only can she build a plane, she plans game nights and is an amazing cook.

Todd Quelet Executive Director, The Mojave Foundation (non-profit) | | 661-824-6293

Why interview him? – Because he’s living a story of grit RIGHT NOW trying to make changes in Mojave.

Sara ReedNursing Student, College of the Canyons |

Why interview her? – Because not only can she save your life, she can build shelves and make you a quilt.

Zach ReederTest Pilot and Engineer, Scaled Composites | | 661-824-6374

Why interview him? – Because he’ll be one of the first to help fly the BIGGEST plane in the world. And he can fix your car.

Kane WickhamReporter/Photographer, Mojave Desert News | | (760) 373-1012

Why interview him? – Because he sees things differently than most people.

Breanna Schultz, Esq.Attorney at Law | | 661-434-1217

Why interview her? – Because she can tell you how much grit it takes to get through law school.

Andrew ParkerOwner, Parker Construction Co. | | 661-435-7482

Why interview him? – Because he is also a local and can tell you fun stories about Mojave.

Lisa PorterDog Trainer, Marley’s Mutts & Cesar Milan’s Dog Psychology | | 661-303-2020

Why interview her? – Because she can tell you awesome stories about dogs and their humans who have grit.

Libby JonesDesign Engineer, Composite Structures, Scaled Composites | | 661-824-6337

Why interview her? – Because she can build planes AND beat you in a motorcycle race.

Paisley CloseYoga Instructor |

Why interview her? – Because she can also tell you awesome stories about rock climbing.

Kelsey GouldGraphic Designer, Scaled Composites | | 661-754-9033

Why interview her? – Because she’s got some serious style.



For questions about the scholarship, write to:

Also check out: